Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Book Review Essay on HR from the Heart Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Book Review on HR from the Heart - Essay Example She expresses the same gravity when she tells about the importance of the profession. She writes, â€Å"When you go into HR, you must realize that, first and foremost, you are responsible for people’s livelihood. Every day you make plans that affect individuals on the most intimate levels. Every time you choose between one candidate and another, the decision you make sets a chain of events that determines the rest of both their lives –even the candidate you never see again because they’re not right fit for your company. You decide on whether an employee stays or goes. You decide who gets promoted and who doesn’t. You decide who gets a raise and who doesn’t. By establishing the compensation guidelines or advertising management, you influence who gets a generous raise and who doesn’t. And you make all these decisions in a larger context of understanding the internal structures and secret plans of the company as a whole.† (Sartain 6) In this book the author is describing how an HR professional should make career choices and mold careers of others as well. She feels frustrated to see HR professionals as vulnerable as others in making career choices when they are capable of helping others mold careers. Sartain also shows how they can make a difference by relating passion with their career as she says, â€Å"If we, as HR professionals, can’t link career and passion for ourselves, how can we expect to be able to do it for the employees of our organization? One of the parts of HR that I get the most joy out of is helping people find the right environment in which to do the things that they enjoy doing.† (Sartain 20). In today’s business environment, HR plays a crucial role in hiring the right kind of talent and retaining them. HR professionals are supposed to power brokers who stamp ‘No’ to every new proposal and are ready to make yet another policy. However, HR is a dynamic and ever-changing profession which can make a difference

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