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Essay on The World Largest Minority People with...

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that between 10 to 15 percent of the world’s population, or approximately1 billion people, live with disabilities, making people with disabilities the world’s largest minority (WHO 2011, WRC 2008, UN 2012). Among the millions of refugees living in camps are a large number of people with disabilities. It is estimated that between 4.5 and 6.8 million of the world’s 45.2 million forcibly displaced persons also live with disabilities. Among displaced persons who have fled civil conflict, war or natural disasters, the number with disabilities may be even higher (WRC 2008, UN 2012). Yet persons with disabilities remain among the most hidden, neglected and socially excluded of all displaced people†¦show more content†¦As of April 2014, the Convention has 158 Signatories, 145 parties and has been ratified by over 100 countries the fastest take up of any international rights based mechanism ( UNCRPD 2014). Don Mackay, chairman of the Committee that negotiated the treaty states that â€Å"what the Convention endeavors to do, is to elaborate in detail the rights of persons with disabilities and set out a code of implementation† (CRPD, UN 2006 WEB). The CRPD clearly and unconditionally states that people with disabilities have equal access and the right to the full and active enjoyment of all human rights- the removal of barriers explicitly termed as a condition for access and the enjoyment of equality (pg 13 UNCRPD Schulze). This is a considerable step towards equal rights for people living with a disability, but how does this directly affect refugees and asylum seekers with disabilities? One of the first questions that parties to the CRPD raised during its drafting, was whether it actually applies to refugees at all. Some suggested that obligations owed in the CRPD could only be applied to nationals. They cited that in some countries, the social and economic environments could make it difficult to support the needs of nationals with disabilities, let alone those of stateless refugees and asylum seekers often arriving in large numbers. Underlying this position was the view that refugees and asylumShow MoreRelatedThe Disabled And Mentally Disabled Youth Transitioning For Adults Experience Improper Health Care1024 Words   |  5 Pagesamong the disabled children of minorities. Predominantly due to the high rate of individuals having no insurance coverage, along with other socio economic reasons such as low income, gender, and housing demographics. Other disparities in individuals’ health are the improper treatment by healthcare providers and the healthcare syst em. These inequalities leave many young people with disabilities stranded without their fundamental needs for proper care. Disability affects approximately 56.7 millionRead MoreThe World As The Global Business1493 Words   |  6 Pages The year is 2015 and as many companies thru-out the years know, one must maintain connectivity with the world as the global business has become more competitive than ever. To help maintain stability and longevity in an environment that constantly changes an organization needs to embrace diversity, this provides a bigger range of ideas, emotions, new perspective and a new direction into the future. These ideas are based on a bigger demographic population in a workplace, a company or a business thatRead MorePeople First Language1506 Words   |  7 Pages and Freedom for people with disabilities, we must use People First Language A commentary by Kathie Snow The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lighting and the lightning bug. Mark Twain ________________________________________ The beginning of wisdom is to call things by their right names. - Old Chinese Proverb - Who are the handicapped... the disabled? Societys myths tell us they are: †¢ people who suffer fromRead MoreMedia Stereotyping1346 Words   |  6 Pagesbut that is what makes us strong. It is not been an easy journey, we have paid dearly for our freedoms and our way of life. Some people have paid more than others to struggle for the freedoms guaranteed from being an American. Diversity can be traced all the same lines as civil rights movement in America. There is been a fierce battle for independence of different peoples spread across this land. From the deep South and the marches of Martin Luther King Jr. to the Northeast and the persecution of theRead MoreWhat Ways Does Cultural Racism Manifest Itself?1651 Words   |  7 Pagesviewed as a similar form of cultural racism. 31-35) In what ways does institutional racism affect the status and standing of minorities in American society? Be specific. R - Institutional racism affect minorities in several ways. For example, when laws are enacted, the decision are made based on the choice of a superior majority, which has a negative impact on the rights of minority entities to say the least. Whether its law, social services, decisions on these issues are made by the majority for theRead MoreThe Polish And African Americans1613 Words   |  7 Pagesour ancestors were captured and became slaves. This was not only for African American, American Indians, Hispanics, Asian Americans, Middle Easterners, North West, South and East Europeans. It was for all minority groups, from religion to sex gender, women, the elderly and people with disabilities. Here is one example of the Polish Americans groups and how they were affected; and what happened or changed over time in the process of migration to America. Polish Americans also known as Poles, came overRead MoreIdentity And Cultural Identity1158 Words   |  5 Pagesaccustoms, and/or taught other cultural fundamentals. This may reflect different ways or aspects of how importance five-factor models of personality, language, or learned gestures may play a role in a family or their culture based on the majority and minority which speaks also as a method of communication. Understanding there’s another way identity labeling may intercept cultural similarities and dissimilarities, and through a reflection from 3 different cultures White, Chinese, and Indian. Their labelRead MoreThe Civil Rights Movement Essay examples1639 Words   |  7 PagesA fan was placed around his neck was to weigh down his body, which they dropped into the Tallahatchie River. This brutal murder did not do unnoticed, his mother insisted on leaving the casket open for the funeral and allowing people to take photos because she wanted people to see how badly Til ls body had been disfigured. In consequence, little Emmett Till’s vicious murder sparked the Second Reconstruction, a period when African-Americans once again began holding various political offices, and reassertingRead MoreDisability Affects Millions Of People All Over The World Essay1704 Words   |  7 PagesDisability affects millions of people all over the world. In 2016 having a disability put you in the largest minority group in the world. Ten percent, about 650 million, people are living with a disability. Just to make matters worst, among the poorest people, twenty percent have a disability. All types of disabilities are a major public health concern worldwide and the situation for those in third world countries is even more serious. Of the 650 million living with a disability, eighty percentRead MoreDiversity1703 Words   |  7 PagesDiversity in Canada August 23, 2011 Abstract In this paper I will be looking at diversity in Canada and how the term of diversity is used to refer to cultural differences, how it applies to all the qualities that make people different. Diversity is shown in mutual respect and appreciation of the similarities and differences such as age, culture, education, ethnicity, experience, gender, race, religion, and sexual orientation. An environment where diversity is respected is on whereas individuals

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